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 Not sure how to account for the amount of work all ready spent on the project. Probably there is no way other than  estimating it and making up a rough number. So for the sake of doing it, first time welder sparked was May 2004 till today its roughly over 10 years. Light estimate that's 52 weeks over 10 years  and an average 3-5 hours per saturday and sunday and taking 4 hours average. mind you some days where much longer and worked during during the weekdays or  did not worked some weekends. In either case to properly estimate on the hours will be hard to calculate now.
So before it goes too far and to keep track of what was done moving forward each time and how its best to start a short diary of progress of each day.


2014-06-19        3.5hr
Have not kept any time line or work log of how things where started, done and time spent on the project. After many, many years time has come to start putting some words down on various aspects of the build.
With so many items already completed and endless that have not had been started and those that are in progress.
Shifter knob for the Porsche gear shifter is endless pain, the plug cracked again. Plaster is too wet and  I keep on making same mistake of not letting it dry. Needless to say I patched it up AGAIN and poured another cylinder just in case so I will have to on the go. Maybe just maybe I may have 2 and I can make up different profiles and sizes for comparison.
Rear light bucks are finally finished and I can make up lenses for it. I'll have to stop by plastic shop and see if I can find some material for the lens. Not sure if I should go with tinted or red lens and if I should put a strip on top to back lit the wing. Back end of the plugs still has to have some re-leave cut out so that water can drip through and have some provision for wire feeding and mounting.
Adjusted top of dash instrument cluster, it not has much lower profile and will not stick up above the steering wheel. Will have to still look into smaller diameter of steering wheel and hopefully gain some knee space.
Lastly, I had re-welded left rear trunk hinge, moving it by about 1/8 of an inch. Its not much but with 4 foot long deck it makes a lot of difference at the end. Now its perfectly centered at the rear even though I will have to do some adjusting to fiberglass.

2014-06-20        3hr
Did some work on the site cleaning it up and updating.

2014-06-21        1hr
Did a very rough shaping of the 3rd knob cylinder. Man O man I was off on this one. there was huge corner missing on top and had to add up some more plaster.

2014-06-22         2hr
weekend was pretty much a bust with family life. Good thing though was that it was 28'C so I left the 2 knobs in the sun to dry. Had a short time at it tonight and it seems like the sun did the trick. Plaster is much tougher and does not break as easy though its bit harder to shave it but they turned out great and both seem to be in one piece so far. Knock on wood and both will make it to finish line.
So far I have my original knob that now the center is filled and is almost ready to go and most likely I will use it as test mule for making mold. Second and 3rd knobs with slightly different over all profile where the 3rd needs more drying time and moth needs to have final finish done to the top and cavity carved out.

2014-07-16     3hr
Got some time to work on the car again. Did some more work on the dash and plastered firewall facing mounting side of the dash so that it will have surface to bolt through into the firewall and also the step-up for display and vents. Looking at it might be better to have a smoother transition going up where the part with display will either be part of the top cover or be simply smooth and forgo the display all together.

2014-07-09       4hr
Worked on dash today, decided to change the way the snap panel around windshield will
work. Original idea was to have a cover panel snapped in place on top of a step in the dash as illustrated in the to the left.
Thought behind the step was to have defroster vents on top with vents in vertical fascia for occupant comfort and to sides for side window vents. Also in the vertical space warning lights and or digital readouts can be installed for extra data display like clocks / temperature or other alpha displays. The new approach is the best way of doing it as it will give a nice way of covering the dash and finish edge for material around the snap cover. The snap cover can have a smooth transition to the glass as first picture below that would just have defroster vents and has option for a stepped cover in second picture.


Dash with a smooth snap in panel in to cover mounting screws/bolts.




  Stepped snap in cover in green by window covering mounting bolts/screws. The vertical case can have vents directed as persons face and or side windows and can also house warning lights or any other digital displays i.e.. clock temperature displays.


The new area as it was just reworked needs to have symmetrical grove marked and carved out and the new surface needs to be smoothed out with mounting surfaces measured and made in a way that the fiberglass structure will be strong but would not require very long fasteners. Also it needs to be dished out to house any optional back lighting or display and electronics.
Did a bit more machining on front lower control arm bracket to adapt and hold both air spring and shock

2014-07-13       2hr
Good start but what a waste of time last time. Had to almost remove half of what I had done last time, thought it was necessary first step in making the new provision for the new snap cover. Made provisions for mounting fasteners (bolts/screws) in front of the dash. Recessed middle part of the snap cover area to  make space for possible indicators and on front corners virtually cleared out 8" of under snap area all the way to mounting surface and recovered the new exposed foam with clay.

2014-07-17      3hr
Put couple more hours in today. Cleaned up extra clay around the dash plug and mudded bit more. I think it finally starting to look as I had it planned. Will see when its cleaned up next time.
Next big thing. Front suspension more specifically adapters for lower control arms. The Corvette C5 has single transverse leaf spring perching on the lower arm with shocks mounted to it. The problem is that I'm planning on using air bags for main suspension, they do have manual adjustable shocks in them but I want to add magnetic shocks and that's where the problem is. I want to use stock A arms in front and OEM only has provision for one or the other. So I'm trying to make some sort of adapter that I can mount the spring with magnetic shocks inboard. I have working theory but the actual part needs to be made. Basically it will be a plate with welded taps running at 90' and mounting hole for the spring then additional tabs welded to it on 90' and parallel to the plate so that it can be bolted to the control arm. At the end it will have stand off's where OEM shock can be bolted to.
Made the main plate today after bit of template trial and error drawing it. Sketched up the 4 tabs and made 4 stand offs

2014-07-18       4hr
First thing first, check the dash, cleaned up any extra stuff and sanded down a bit. Some of the plaster is still not quite dry. This thing will work perfectly, just need to recess a bit the 4 spots where the bolts will go through for mounting it at the firewall side. I was thinking of clearing out some of how the lip is made so later it could be easier to route vent hoses through for defroster. Will see when it cured better.
Cut out the 4 tabs for the front adapters. After bit of adjusting spot welded the thing up, it will be a beauty .... when its done.  Not sure on the left/driver side, the brake booster might be in a way a bit. DAMN the car is way to low and its not as easy to squash everything in as in normal 6 foot tall truck.

2014-07-20     5 hr
Just touched the dash enough to clean up some clay bugers and did a light coat of fresh plaster. Welded up more like tacked the left adapter. The freaken shock will be right up the brake booster. Not sure if I should re-adjust the cross beam more mounting outward to clear more or just forget the mag shock all together. Before making more decisions I need to get the rubber top bushing for it. Switching area before making mess. Took engine cover off and started to figure out mounting tabs for rear springs and shocks. Those 9000 series springs look rather wide and have very tight fit, they will probably work, worst case I'll have to go to 8000 series. I'll have to get air valves now.

2014-07-22     3hr
Made a template and cut out 2 upper spring mounts

2014-07-23     3hr
Made up 2 side supports on back beck to strengthen hinge plates. carved out deeper indentations in the dash plug for mounting bolts

2014-07-26     3hr
Headlight buckets version 2.0 made up supporting frames for front headlight buckets with a recessed 1 3/4" driving light . Original buck had both driving and night light on same plane and it did not looked good with the little one protruding through the  lens. This version makes the light closer to the wheel so no more 19" rims but the overall look is much better looking. Both projectors will also be bit lower eliminating pop up bug eyes. As a bonus I'll be able to probably put eye lid type led surrounds as marker light and turn indicator. Put down first layer of plaster to get initial form for the buckets

2014-07-27    2hr
Extended left bucket to outer edge of the fender. Put down extra plaster to thicken up the buckets.

2014-07-28    3hr
Trimmed down some of the excess plaster from front buckets and roughly shaped  reflectors. Shaped the 4 mounting dimples in the dash. Put steering column cover back on and adjusted foam around the column.

2014-07-30    1hr
Cleaned up has mounting along side front firewall

2014-08-01    3hr     
Did some minor sanding on dash. Roughly shaped front cold air brake split to add some decorative piece to the front plus it may have a led marker light embedded later and covered with lens. Made up templates for holes necessary to mount projectors into front buckets and roughly made 2 holes in the bucket plug. Had to stop as the clay was still wet inside plus bottom was getting to thin and was afraid that it would split into pieces. made up 3/4" flat piece of plaster so that once it dries up it will be fastened to bottom of the projector.

2014-09-07  4hr
After some family time and vacation I had some time to spend some time and try to make some progress. The entire summer has been making more part plugs and this was no exception though it would be nice to move along on the chassis/body part. Never the less its still been productive. Made some more progress on the front headlight buckets. I think I finally got what I was after, lenses might be bit bulged out more then what I would like to but they still will be following fender lines fairly closely but had to make them bit higher then what the current fenders are now. I have to remake the fenders anyway to make one piece that included the front part of the door sill and lower wheel arch as the pluig was made using same size for front and back wheels diameter then what will be used so there is a huge gap in the fronts. Secondly raising light buckets and dropping the arches will make the fenders look longer which now look kind of short. One sight problem is that the bumper will need to be adjusted slightly where it will have to be cut down to clear the larger projectors bringing the cut line to the original line where it was planned on and will have to cut some of the fibre glass and re-fill it.

Sep 21, 2014   2 hr
Did some sanding on the left headlight bucket. Got it to a point where its almost  same shape as the right. Unfortunate part is that the small projector is off by quarter inch so I had to refill it on one side and leave it alone to dry

Sep 25, 2014
Picked up 4x8x0.125 aluminum plate to make up fuel tank. Once the tank is done the center tonou and floor can be finished.

Oct 4, 2014  2hr
Not much time in garage. The instrument cluster was bugging me for some time from the first day it was made. It was way too tall and sticked out above the steering wheel where it obstructed vision of the road just ahead of the bumper. Decided to flaten it out as result it shrunk down and it looks like its bit wider then it was. However it does give a better view.

Oct 12, 2014   4hr
So I got another few hours in garage. getting closer to getting shape of headlights, trimmed down and got upper contour of the headlight almost where I wanted to originally be at. Still need to do a lot fine tuning to the contour though. Will have to reshape bit further inner center part and especially around the smaller projector to get bit more space for trim ring and figure out how to shape up the turn and driving reflectors housing the LED's.
More important, finished welding/stitching sheet metal on left and right sides of the center tonou. have to do some finishing to the welds and smooth them out as some spots could be better. This had been dragging for a long time and I'm glad that its finally finished and it looks soo much better. Need to trim down and finalize shape of the model fuel tank making sure that it will slip in and out easily from the cavity and make the actual tank. Once that is done the top part of the tonou can be made closing it off and then the floor can be welded in.

Oct 18, 2014  2hr
Did a bit more work on the headlights on extending mounting surface for back weather cover and trying to get a better top curve on the lens. ant to much more and I think I'll gave to pull the trigger and cut the bumper up to better fit the headlight in and make final adjustments.

Oct 26, 2014  2hr
Decided to cut out openings for headlight buckets today. With the rough cuts looks like the headlights will fit perfectly in the fender / bumper. Lower section of the headlights need some work as they have to be extended due to the triangular cutouts in the bumper so that the lens will be flash with rest of the panels.
Added some more material on the headlight buckets to have them extended and have mounting surface for lens cover. Once they are finished, the cut out area in the bumper will be re-fibreglassed with spacing between headlight and bumper then the fenders will be altered to reduce opening in the arch and wheel and also drop fender height.

Nov 9, 2014  2hr
Readjusted cutouts in the front bumper for headlight buckets. Now they sit nicely inside with bit extra space for to move the buckets around. As the fenders have to be remade not sure if I should leave the buckets as plugs and work on the fenders or make the molds and pull parts out .

Nov 29, 2014  4hr
One of the better days for this final days of fall. Changed the way front trunk upper and cross tubes had been done, they had been bugging me for long time with the opening on sides and small support pieces in the middle. Cut out 2x2 tubes and re-welded new pieces in their place properly oriented. Also welded in the cross support bar to hold the windshield surround in. Decided to also weld in the back trunk sheet metal covering steering rack and what not to be in the place, looking at it not sure how the windshield wiper regulator will fit there now.
With tabs welded in the center tonou for bolts to cover up the fuel tank, fitter the mockup of fuel tank in place. Looks like I need to make some adjustments to it  :-/ there are some clearances issues in couple spots around bends where it narrows down from back going forward on top and need to narrow it pretty much  on the entire bottom plane. Well that bites a bit as it will reduce tank capacity by couple of liters.
What can ya do !!!

Nov 30, 2014  5hr
Another great day !!!  Touched up on some unfinished welding spots, finished welding up passenger sill plate. Ground down a lot of welds on the right side, she is almost ready on that side aside from extra mounting points for anything that goes back and forth. Might have to weld up some bolt tabs on the outside too to hold up cover plate making the side nice and smooth once completed.
Trimmed and tacked back in center sheet metal on rear firewall to hold the rear window regulator. I hope I dont need to have that section open trying to finish something, but it does make the firewall more completed.
:-( the cross bar on front firewall holding the windshield I welded in is too long and can not put  brake booster and bolt it in place. Had to remove 2 inches from the length and may need to remove another 1" to properly clear it. Will have to see how will that work next time. Never the less that piece of sheet metal is tacked in and hopefully I will not need to remove it when making other adjustments there as I started making corner filler sheet metal pieces to close off and only thing that will be left is the floor in the trunk area.

Dec 6, 2014  4hr
Short but good day again. Made a second piece of right corner filler for the trunk and weld it in and made the 3rd filler plate and tacked in place.  Left side is next, have the bottom filler made. Will need to trim down on brake booster opening and make up upper part.

Dec 8, 2014 2hr
Welded in lower part of the left trunk corner and made a bit better clearing so that the brake booster can be removed. Started making templates for rest of the upper rear left trunk corner as it needs to be different as not to make odd looking shapes and indentations.

Dec 9, 2014 1.5hr
Spent some time making up cardboard template for the left trunk corner. Need to cut some small piece of sheet metal out to make the transitions bit smoother but it looks like it will not have huge protrusions when all is done. Amazingly the folded up template can be made out of single flat sheet of metal. Interesting part will be how to bend the sheet metal with all the folds weldup tabs.

Dec 11, 2014 4.5hr
Cut out a sheet metal to the size of the trunk upper left corner template. There is one fold that goes across entire sheet, which helps a lot in bending it. Amazingly rest of the fold went soo much easier then anticipated. Prepped the area in the trunk and tacked in the sheet metal. After bit of trimming the corner was tacked in for short inspection of how it will fit it was tacked in and fully bud welded as to prevent any liquid penetration. The welds were ground down to dress them up then everything was primed.
Excess sheet metal on top was marked and trimmed.

Dec 17, 2014 1.5hr
Looked around to see how to setup mounts for the magnetic shocks in the front. Its not going to be easy. The OEM shocks are about 4 too long if our retrofit idea to be used in order to clear the brake booster on driver side. On passenger side its not as bad as the upper mount could be moved up and inwards to clear the frame rail. The option is just to use the air springs with built in dampers.

Dec 19, 2014  6.5
Had day off today. Trimmed down the windshield fiberglass surround to clear the extended box for brake booster. Looks like body work is delayed one more year, not necessarily bad as a lot of plugs are in the process of being worked on and some of the body panels being adjusted as the chassis is still being finished.
Did a lot of work around the magnetic shocks, looks like the only way is to make custom lower A arm and not using the OEM C5 arm, upper arm is unaffected. In order to use the magnetic shocks lower arm will need to have lower mount for the shocks protruded about 2 below the arm. On positive side is that proper mounts can be fabricated for the air bag and the magnetic shock.
Made up plates and tabs that will be welded to the upper A arm bar to facilitate mounting of the magnetic shock. Next time I can set them up and weld them up together and into the frame.

Dec 21, 2014,   3hr
Had a good day in garage again :). Finished welding up front shock perches, cleaned them and welded them onto the frame and covered them with anti corrosion primer. Still need to figure out how to make the wiper regulator, drill and tap holes for upper trunk ledge and weldup tabs for ride heigth sensors when its back on the ground

Total 94 hr

Thats it for this year, on to 2015


























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