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Some links and information I had gathered from around the internet. I do not claim any rights to and are in their original format. I do not claim any responsibility for its contents or use of. Please use the information at your own risk.

Engine and transmission references
Engine wiring diagrams
Misc electrical references
Links to shops used in various outsourced construction and parts manufacturing

Fiero GME-Pro Tuning Software
This is a fully functional shareware version of the GM ECM editing software from Terry Kelley. This free download
includes the definition file required to edit the V6 Fiero ECMs. Additional definition files are available for many
different vehicles, contact the software's author for more information. Fiero Addiction offers this download as a
service to our customers, we do not provide support for this software. Click here to download.


Other builds
1973 Datsun 240z resto-mod with LS1 convertion
2003 Accord

Brian's 2 set of panels


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