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Following is information which has been  gathered from sources around the internet for which I do not claim any rights to, contents here  are in their original format as they had been found

Audi A4 B5 Wiring Diagram
Audi 80/90 1989 wiring diagram
VW Passat factory repair manual 95-97
VW B3 repair manual

Audi 01X 300 044E   6 speed manual transmission
Audi 01X 300 062G   5 speed manual transmission
Audi 918 flywheel adapter
Audi 012 transmission bell housing
               shifter    side    back            
4HP 5HP 6HP identification guide

Engine weight
Engine & Trans comparison

Hewland FTR transmission dimensions
ZF Alternatives


Chevy v6 60'
18' head
Head mounts
Front & Rear mounting dimensions
Trans / bellhousing bolt pattern   &   numerical

Bell housing dimensions
Bottom view
Mounting dimensions

4T65E HD transmission spec

Bottom dimensions    &  version 2
Top dimensions     &  version 2

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