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Collection of various engine wiring diagrams that was collected from various sources on the internet.

Audi 80  1989_3A
Audi A4-A5

 1998 SS  Engine wiring
 2000        Engine wiring    System Wiring

 1997  C5 parts manual
           C5 Manual
           Engine wiring
 1999  Engine wiring     Charging circuit
 2001  Fuel System
 2002  ABS
 2008  Engine Wiring 6.2L

Cadilac CTS-V
  2007  Engine wiring

F  Body 1998  doc
F  Body 1999-2000

Express G3500 6.0 VIN U   2003
Express Van 6.0   2004
ExpressVan g2500 6.0  2004
Sierra 2500 6.0L  2006
Silverado 3500HD  2003
Silverado 5.3  2004
Trail Blazer ss 6.0 2008

Yukon Dhenali
1999   Engine wiring

PCM pinouts
1998 LS PCM pin assignment
1999 LS PCM pin assignment
2000 LS PCM pin assignment
2000 LS PCM pin assignment  Corvette
2001 LS PCM pin assignment
2001 LS PCM pin assignments Tahoe
Tahoe  2001  Pinouts
2002 LS PCM pin assignment
2003 LS PCM pin Assignment 6.0L truck
2004 LS PCM pin assignment    GTO     C1   C2
2004 LS PCM pin Assignment 6.0L ExpressVan
2006 LS PCM pin assignments truck

Holden LS1

How to make custom stand alone harness guide for GM gen III  and IV

Custom Stand Alone wiring for LS1/LS2/LS4/LS6/LS7/LQ4/LQ9

Painless 90559 manual  2000-02 GM Vortec throttle by wire
Painless 90520 manual  1999-02 LS! fuel injection
Painless 90543 manual  2005-06 GM LS2 Fuel injection

Accord 2003-06

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