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 My molds had come back home :). Not having much time Brian had decided that to speed things up in making the panels would be to have them made by body shop and after not much progress and he had asked me if I would be willing to pull 2 sets for him.

2015, Jul 19
After providing half of the molds to a body shop, they had decided to spray it from what it looks like high build primer. After quick inspection one of the quarter panels had overspray of the primer. Will have to see if it will stick to the molds but at least I'll have to clean up the mating surfaces from the overspray. Additionally it looks like rocker panel from same side was sprayed with some sort of black primer as well and it seems like there are some scratches to it. Will have to see if they can be cleaned up or will it be OK just to leave it.

2015, July 24
Picked up some supplies from fiberglass shop. Cleaned up few smaller panels, once they are dry will prep them and lay first parts

2015, July 26
make first 4 panels for 1st set

2015, Sep 23
Make final set of panels.

2015, Sep 25
pulled last panels from molds and rough trimmed any left over pieces>

As promised to Brian about 2 months to make up the molds. In actuality it was week over due but that was still a lot shorter then I was thinking it would take and a LOT shorter then it took to make the original panels to be made minded that as panels where made the molds had to made first. Over all I think it was excellent process to go through again as there where some panels that were rejected before delivering to Brian and he has some to practice trimming.


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