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It would had been a lot easier and quicker to do any of the work in a fully equipped garage or shop. However as its being constructed it a residential garage, we are working with small hand and bench top tools that can easily be stored away in tool cabinets or on top of bench.

Some of the power tools used are:
8" bench grinder
Angle grinder
Hand drills, re-chargeable, corded and bench top
Mig welder
Cut off saw

Some of the work i.e. lathe work is being contracted out as space and expense for the lathe does not economically make sense for the amount of work and then to provide storage space for it. However with the sheet metal it is necessary to have some sort or brake as we had learned that getting a bent sheet metal for the back trunk wall cost us an arm to have it bent to our specification. Not sure how that would work for other pieces that where made with the home made break. This was our first version of the sheet metal break, which was used for almost all of the metal work. It was welded up of mostly junk material lying around the garage and couple bolts and nuts that cost no more than $10 all together and couple of hours of work. When it came to making a fuel tank we could had done with the short break however it would involve more welding and would introduce extra possible stress and failure points in the tank. To reduce the possibility and as there are 2 linear lengths with in the tonou, one that would fit into the first break and the second that will have to be made of 3 foot wide sheet we had decided to make a second version of the break.
Construction of the sheet metal break version 2.0 can be followed in this link.
We did splurge however on a sheet metal bead roller, however the purchase of it was big late as we had been procrastinating on its purchase for too long. List of some of the tools can be followed in the tools gallery.

Dec 8, 2015
New addition to the tools arsenal is Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder.

June 11   2016
new floor jack, old one was not worth fixing




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