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List of panels is below

The concept and idea for the shape was to push wheels out to the most furthest parts of corners, make the car wide so that it barely fits through standard garage doors and as low as possible to the ground and roof line rival lowest cars on the road but not exceeding 44 inches and still have enough room so that a 4 foot person could fit into it comfortably.   Well not quite....

Following couple revisions of the model which can be seen in this <link> of the model we still wanted wheels all the way out in the corners and no taller than 40 inches but we needed to have 6 foot 6 inches person feel like sitting on recliner chair as that's the only way to shove someone that stature to such a low roofline car. In order to do that the car had to be made wide with 14" wide wheels in the back. It also had to be long as the tall occupant had to fit in and have enough head and leg room.

The final dimensions are 76" wide at front fenders, 80" wide at rear fenders, 161" long and 40" tall with 4" ground clearance on top of 107" wheel base. With optional front chin splitter and rear wing deployed and its most extended angle, length of the car will increase by additional 8" making it 169". Height will vary as well with the help of computer controlled springs. From standard parked or city driving stance of 40" it can lower it self additional 2" on highway cruising and raise by additional 4" when going over a curb or speed bump.

Normally body panels for kit cars are made of single shell where all pieces like quarter panels, fenders, rockers and bumpers are all made in single mold then either glued or fastened to the frame with mechanical fasteners or welded to the frame utilizing metal embedded metal support pieces in the fiberglass shell. Advantage to having body in single piece is that is much easier to have it aligned and mounted on the chassis. Disadvantage to it is that if you need to access certain parts tucked under the shell or in case you have cracked your fender  or quarter panel and need to have it fixed you either will have to fix it on the chassis by rebuilding it or graft a part of the body onto it. Whereas with individual parts you would just need to have the damaged part removed, new part painted to match and mounted on the chassis

In our case we have decided to have body made in multiple pieces and since the chassis is going to be custom made we can have made in a way that all the mounts are part of the chassis it self so that all will be required is to just bolt all the panels to the chassis. Though the car is fairly large as foot print is concerned, there is not that much space where to locate all the mechanical parts hence access to them will be of most crucial and having easily removable panels will aid in maintaining it. Replacement of damaged panels will be also much easier as it will be just a matter of painting and bolting it in place. One major problem would be that it would not be forgiving in any chassis damage as it will have to be true to when it was made. This also leads to having the chassis manufactured perfectly symmetrical and to a -1/8" tolerance allowing for gaskets and any panel buildup to compensate in panel thickness during manufacturing where all the mount points be part of the chassis and panels bolted directly to it.

Now that the general idea of the size, wheel position and panel attachment was established next was to decide on over all shape and look. It needed to look exotic and since not to many exotic cars have engines in the front it also need to be rearward mounted and to have a very close 50/50 ratio engine needed to be longitudinal mid mounted which also solves the problem of looking over the engine if it was mounted in the front and we can now have a nice sloping hood. With engine in the back and needing to produce 650+ hp it will generate a lot of heat as such it needs cooling and plenty of fresh air feed into the intake and cool air through radiators to cool the engine. Having gone through few options, decision was made to have 2 intakes on sides behind door and place radiators for engine cooling with worm/hot air exiting in the back of the car. Also 2 intakes behind door windows for feeding air into intake and any possible extra air blowing onto top of the engine.


Trunk  (front)

Roof  (convertible)
Engine Lid

List below is a running total of major panels and pieces that are made and scheduled to be made

    Bumper front
    Bumper rear upper 
    Diffuser rear
    Doors   ( left / right )
    Engine lid 
    Fender L/R  and  fender sill L/R
    Rockers   ( left / right )
    Roof panel  (solid / cloth )
    Quarter panels   ( left / right )
    Window center rear
    Windshield frame (A pillars)
Body trim
    Front brake cooler splitter
    Lights front
    Lights fog    part of front bumper made as separate piece
    Lights fog   deletes 
    Lights rear
    Side radiator grills
    Upper air intake
    Rear grill

    Center tonnel
    A pillar trim
    B pillar trim
    Sil / Rocker trim
    Window center trim rear

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