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Due to the tight packaging of the cars systems and to make it very serviceable and easily accessible, the car's body had been made into number of smaller and easily removable panels. Therefore it is possible to have all the panels removed from the car frame and reveal all mechanical structure and components making up the vehicle. One exception is the windshield frame which is a separate substructure bolted to the main chassis on which the fiberglass windshield and A pillar body part is bonded onto.

At the beginning we started with 48 panels then it progressed to 70 and counting. possible planned panels and part options that are foreseably going to be made for exterior and interior pieces, judgment is still out on how the body will be fitted with which panels options will determine which ones are going to be made.

1 b Bumper front made
2 b Bumper rear (upper)  - part 1 made
3 b Bumper rear (lower)  - part 2 made
4 i Center console in process of making plug
5 i Dash frame in process of making plug
6 i Dash vent filler  
7 i Dash instrument cluster in process of making plug
8 b Diffuser rear (lower center) made
9 b Door shell left made
10 b Door shell right made
11 b Door skin left made
12 b Door skin right made
13 i Door inner trim left  
14 i Door inner trim right  
15 b*1 Fender left made
16 b*2 Fender right made
17 b*1 Fender sill left made
18 b*2 Fender sill right made
19 l Fog light bucket left made
20 l Fog light bucket right same as left
21 l Fog light lens left  
22 l Fog light lens right  
23 b Grill frame rear  
24 i Headliner shell  
25 b Hood front skin made
26 b Hood front bracing  
27 b Hood front weather strip  
28 b Hood rear skin made
29 b Hood rear bracing  
30 l Light front bucket Left in process of making plug
31 l Light front dust cover Left mold made
32 l Light front projector trim Left in process of making plug
33 l Light front lens Left in process of making mold
34 l Light front bucket Right in process of making plug
35 l Light front dust cover Right mold made
36 l Light front projector trim Right in process of making plug
37 l Light front lens Right in process of making mold
39 l Light rear bucket left mold made
40 l Light rear lens left in process of making mold
41 l Light rear bucket right mold made
42 l Light rear lens right in process of making mold
43 b Rocker left made
44 b Rocker right made
45 b Roof panel made
46 i Trim A pillar left  
47 i Trim A pillar right  
48 i Trim rocker left inner  
49 i Trim rocker right inner  
50 i Trim lower rear left  
51 i Trim lower rear right  
52 i Trim upper rear left made
53 i Trim upper rear right made
54 bt Vent lower cover left  
55 bt Vent lower cover right  
56 bt Vent upper cover left  
57 bt Vent upper cover right  
58 b Quarter panel left made
59 b Quarter panel right made
60 b Wing rear made
61 i Window trim center rear inner made
62 b Window center rear outer made
63 b Windshield frame made
64 t Wheel liner F left  
65 t Wheel liner F right  
66 t Wheel liner R left  
67 t Wheel liner R right  
68 t Front Nose/chin splitter  
69 t Skirt left  
70 t Skirt right  

b: body panel   i: interior panel  t: exterior body trim   l: lights
* w\ill be combined into single part


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