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There there has been number of considerations as to the power to propel the car starting with electrical motors to internal combustion engine and how they would have been mounted.

As the car was designed to be mid engine the rear engine bay is 32" wide 48" long with additional 9" overhang above lower diffuser before grill and a sloping lid from 26" by window to 24" at wing area.

When considering electrical propulsion, we can mount a differential and a large electrical motor. Battery pack and controller can be distributed through out the space and with in the center  tunnel as there would be no need for fuel tank. We can also mount additional motor direct coupled to wheels in the front for 4 wheel drive option.

In case of of traditional internal combustion engines, options are almost limitless. We can put transverse mounted V6 and even some short block V8 engines and longituadly mounted V12

Some examples of  engine & transmission comparison.



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