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Body / Exterior  
Main body The making of main body plug and how it was carved into pieces during mold making
DoorShells Making of door shells.  Left side <here>
Trunk Inner panel Plug for inner front trunk panel. This makes actual part rather then mold first.
Front splitter Front break bumper splitter
Bumper Changes to front bumper to match headlights v3.0 buckets
Q panel inlet Upper quarter panel inlet trim
Front headlight v1.0 Original thought for the headlights, but after sitting on the self for some time and trying to fit them into available space it was found that the hole concept was too big
Front headlight v2.0 Started with idea and a very early plug but never made it of the ground
Front headlight v3.0 Current dual projector headlights with auxiliary LED lights for Day Light Driving lights and turn signal indicators
Front headlight v4.0 one more try kicking the bucket, hopefully this will be it and should fit LED 2.0
Front headlight LED 1.0 Thinking of possible very thin and wide LED powered  projector alternative to HID lights
Front headlight LED 2.0 Lets try it again and have it mounted the proper way. Also making it fit HID 4.0
Front Marker lights Optional lights embedded into front brake cooler splitter.  See Front Bumper Splitter for more
Fog lights Optional lights for fog conditions
Tail lights Main rear lights
Rear center light 3rd break light
Dash Main dash shell
A pillars trim Bare A-pillar trim and accompanying filler partitions
Dash Main dash
Defrost trim Windshield trim on dash against the glass with defroster vents
HVAC Components related to interior HVAC dutcs and mixing boxes
Windshield header upper trim of windshield
Instrument  Cluster Instrument cluster shell
Steering Column Column cover with front facia
Glove Box Glovebox
Tunnel center tunnel
Kick panels Left (driver)  and  Right (passanger) kick panels
Rocker Panels Rocker / sill trim panels
B pillars  (top) upper section of the pillar with mounts for belt retentioner
B pillars  (bottom) bottom part of the pillar cover
Rear center center trim covering rear window mechanism between arm rest pad and window surround trim
Rear window trim Window trim for convertible top
Rear Stowage rear lower stowage
Speaker box rear speaker boxes part of lower rear firewall
Windshield header top of Windshield trim
Shift trim Shifter trim plate
Shift Knob Custom knob to fit on top of Audi / Porsche manual shifter
Trash Trash generated by making the plugs and pulled plugs after making molds
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