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Brake Front  
Brake Rear  
Brake Emergency  
Door latch  
Door striker  
Engine fitment Engine clearances and fitment in the bay and all of the mountings
Engine lid framed Engine bay frame
Engine bay latch Engine bay latch
Frame General frame layout
Firewall Front Front firewall and all of its mountings
Firewall Rear Rear firewall and all mountings
Frame Front (trunk)  
Frame Center  
Frame Rear  
Hinge Deck   (engine)  
Hinge Door  
Hinge Trunk   (front)  
Roof Latch  
Seat belts  Anything with seat belts
Sheet Metal  
Sill / Rocker panel support  
Suspension Front  
Suspension Rear  
Suspension Rear Hub  
Swaybar Front  
Swaybar Rear  
Trunk deck  
Latch Trunk Front trunk latch
Window Doors  
Window Rear  
Windshield frame  
Windshield Wiper wiper regulator
Mounts Different mounts around chassis used for parts of sub-frame, panels and other components mounts
Sheet Metal Various sheet metal panels through out the chassis
Front laugadge compartment
front firewall  
rear firewall  
engine bay  


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