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The unconventional construction of outside in vs. inside out introduced number of challenges in designing and constructing frame that is rigid, has enough cabin space, suspension components  and enough space for drive train and to make it run control the car.

With any kit car you are forced in using production components especially for suspension like springs, shocks, hubs and possibly uprights and control arms if someone does not want to go and have them custom made. In theory there is 'lots' of space under the skin of the car, however once incorporating OEM components under the dash and the low profile front hood things start getting very tight.

Having decided on wheels of 275x35x18 on top of 9.5" +40mm rims for front and 335x30x19  on top of 12" +59mm  rims in the back it was very easy to setup track width and wheel base could not be changed as it was decided when body panels where made.


most difficult point of the hole project is to get initial dimensions of frame where body will be laid up on top. 

The beginning can be seen in the gallery, I'm also thinking of setting up 4 wheel drive similar to BMW x-drive system.


Never the less front wheels will be sitting on top of 18x9.5 and rear on top of 19x12 set of rims all supported on air springs similar to those from Air Dynamics.

  Those are the wheels that the frame and entire suspension
  will be based on. Now I can make up necessary sheet
  metal for the rear hubs and all front and rear mounting brackets.


Center tonou.
Structure of the tonou is made up of 1x2x0.120 tubes on bottom and 1.5x0.75x0.096 tubes arenged in ladder type setup. Sides are covered in sectioned sheets fully welded to the inside face of the tubes. Top is filled in with formed sheets and is started with center section as its the base for the gear shifter. Its fitted tightly in between the tubes and welded in to reinforce the tonou. Mounting plate for the gear shifter with mounting hardware will then be bolted into it. Having the center section in place it is much easier to make up top part of the gas tank rather than going through measurments and guessing of how height does it have to be. Going through those steps assures making the largest possible volume for the tank. Front of the tank can also be easily made as it will be fully exposed and top plate for the tonou can be made. To have it welded in, the placte is placed inplace  a small spacer is placed between tank and the plate. The tank is bolted up into position  then the plate is then secured tighter and welded in.

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