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Intend for the car was to build it around as many standard crucial parts as possible. Mainly the glass, suspension and minimal or very little custom work to drive line parts. Per design, chassis supposed to be sitting at 4" ground clearance and 40" tall with 107" wheel base and 161" overall length (with folded rear wing) and with 76" in front and 80" in the back at outermost wheel arches. It will be bit longer with front chin splitter and rear wing deployed. Height will vary as well from normal driving, lowering during highway speeds and rising during low speed bump crossings.

Being very relatively short car where all mechanicals have to be packed very tightly, the body was designed to be removable to gain access to all hidden components where fenders and quarter panels be easily removable. In all there are 19 main exterior panels (plus 2 interior door frames not made yet) and number of trim pieces:

Original body "buck" was made on foam covered with plaster, from which molds where made and carved out to make more with mating flanges as the the process moved on


Original molds had been sold and are no longer available from us. If you are interested in the molds or panels we can put you in touch with the current owner. Last set of body panels mainly the inner door shells had been made over New Years 2016/2017. Molds for them are "not" yet available as the parts need to be checked for function and clearances at which time molds will be made and new parts will be pulled from them.

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