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As we had build the prototype frame and had decided on general shape and looks of the body we started building our first model on top of the copper tube chassis. The tubes where covered with two layers of metal mesh as it can be made to hold shapes better then fiberglass counterpart. Once the frame was fully covered, we had used plaster and covered with a light layer just to cover the holes in. the plaster. Progressive coats where thicker to acquire desired shape and get contours of the body we needed and the final shape slowly started to appear.

One thing we had found during this construction was that some of the tubes where in wrong location and the proportions of the frame where not as we had envisioned and had to be cut down. The good part was that the model was hollow and the tubes where easily accessible. Also the body shell was thin so cutting down and adjusting to get the final desired shape was fairly easy.

With first first model finished and after looking at possible styling improvements, list was made of what needed to be changed or adjusted. With that in hand we were ready to make a second model.

To make it easier to shape the the form of the model, this time we started with with few layers of high density foam. From the bottom side we have drawn proportional dimensions of the model and cut off the excess around it. Then we had roughly cut out the extra foam from corners after marking the height of roof, front and back end. The model was then sanded down to very close dimensions and under size for what the final dimension where expected.
The foam was then covered with plaster to make the shell not only harder but to get some of the details that was not possible to get from the foam.
The model was then spray painted to prevent the plaster dust from spreading and to acquire more finished look.



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