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About us.... well its more like about me.

I had restored, rebuild and modified few cars in the past, however all of them surrounded a pre-existing car which is naturally not too much fun. I always loved exotic cars and speed. I could have build a kit car that someone already made a body and I would have to be stuck to a donor car/chassis and be limited to that and had to modify and compromise on other things with its short comings. There are a lot of nicely made bodies or original exotics but that would mean I would have to be stuck to that model and I would have to be stuck to those specifications or it would not looks right which would just make me bonkers looking for parts to be true original specifications/looks and limit on creativity and challenge of making something from scratch.

So after some challenges, debates and thinking about it, this project came to life.

The project is still underway and a lot of the information had not been published yet. However if you like this project and like to get more information you can contact me under this link

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