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This site is intended to show how to build custom chassis and body using commonly available materials. Starting from making body plug, molds and how to cut and separate to get individual panels and eventually actual panels.
We have divided different parts of the car into sections so that it can be focused more on particular process rather then having everything described in one huge page. This way we can describe particular process  that has been taken to accomplish a task. The car is quite challenging to package various systems and still leave ample amount of space in the cab for people as it deals with restricted spaces that are normally much taller in conventional cars. Being only 40' tall from ground to roof top it does not leave a lot of working space for basic things like pedals / steering, dash and most importantly seating. When taking ground clearance (4" / 10cm), roof and padding (0.5" / 1.2cm) and seat cushion depending on personal comfort leaves a 35 or less head room. This project is definitely not for a someone that is not mechanically inclined or never worked on cars, though with bit of willingness one can build something similar to it or even use the ideas and build something custom.

The general idea of starting this project came from wanting to build a custom car but also there was few other incentives as well which we will not mention here. We wanted to have particular dimensions and for stability reasons to have all wheels pushed out for the furthest possible corners with out sacrificing overall dimensions. With some days deliberating then building couple models, came up with what we have today. naturally there was some changes from the models to the final plug as to compensate for things like sitting and more importly windows which we wanted to keep OE.
Concept of the car was to make it as low as possible, first roof to ground and floor to ground to that a person of 6'6" could fit. Wide enough to make it stable and provide comfortable passenger space and safety and have room to run various systems from front to back. With its low height and to make it exotic it had to be mid engine but length had to be kept under 170 inches. It has to be safe and stable driving it and at same time goal for gross weight like to keep it under 2000lb
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